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My work is regularly covered in the media and this page presents a selection of articles either about my research or where I am interviewed.  If you are a journalist and would like to reach me, email me at <> or <>.

In English

Why the southern resident killer whales should have the same rights as people

Talking about a revolution for nature’s rights

The Most Political Animal

Where nature has rights

Would giving nature legal rights stop environmental destruction?

There's a growing push to give nature legal rights, but what would that mean?

These endangered bats are being killed by the thousands—here’s why

Germany’s wolves are on the rise thanks to a surprising ally: the military

Wolves in Germany Are Making a Comeback, And The Military Is Weirdly Helping

Lion Population in Africa Likely to Fall by Half, Study Finds

Wolves and Bears Stage Comeback in Crowded, Urban Europe

The Carnivores Next Door

Countries best at conservation depend on wildlife tourism

Wild wolf shot and killed in Denmark

Why poorer countries are leading the conservation charge

How Blockchain Could Help Protect The Environment

Will Cryptogovernance Protect the Environment When No One Else Will?

Can bitcoin cryptography help save the environment?

Tracking the tactics used to attack environmental protections

Around the world, environmental laws are under attack

An Inconvenient Spoof

The Case for Treating Climate Change Like a Joke

A modest proposal for combatting climate change: satire

The danger of seeing cute animals everywhere

Animals' popularity 'a disadvantage'

Marketing makes our favourite animals seem common

Popularity of tigers, lions, bears could be their downfall

Why are the world’s most popular animals going extinct?

Harmless or vicious hunter? The uneasy return of wolves

Environmental Laws Are Under Attack Worldwide

Wolves and bears to be slaughtered in Romania once again

Save the earth's largest mammals

Urgent Action Needed to Stop Extinction of Earth’s Last Megafauna

Would you welcome a wolf in your back yard?

Conservationists Warn Endangered Species Will Vanish Forever

Many big animals may be extinct by 2100

Everywhere except in the wild

Lions Quickly Disappearing In Much Of Africa, Study Says

Majestic lions face devastating decline in Africa

2035 Prediction Says Lions Twice As Close To Extinction

Wolves, bears, lynxes rebounding in Europe

Scientists split over snow leopard status

Why wolf hunting is bad, as explained by Playmobil figurines

Doubt on Theory That Legal Hunting Reduces Poaching

Denmark gets its first wild wolf pack in 200 years

How wolf culling leads to more poaching

Conservation has a big Problem With Charismatic Carnivores

Large Carnivores Getting Comfy in Europe

Europe Is a Great Place to Be a Large Meat-Eater

Call of the wild

Urban beasts: how wild animals have moved into cities

Popularity of tigers, lions, bears could be their downfall

En Français

Une meute de loup avance-t-elle au rythme des plus anciens ?

Un S.O.S. pour sauver les grands mammifères

Dans vingt ans, la moitié des lions pourrait avoir disparu d’Afrique

À grands mammifères, grandes menaces

Populaires mais en danger: tigres, lions et pandas

Guillaume Chapron: «Un éléphant braconné toutes les 15 minutes»

Légaliser la chasse au loup accroît le braconnage

Loup: les abattages autorisés divisent les scientifiques

Loups : l'autorisation de la chasse ne réduit pas le braconnage

Quinze mille scientifiques alertent sur l’état de la planète

Loup: les abattages autorisés divisent les scientifiques

Le trafic de viande de brousse, un fléau pour la vie sauvage

La panthère des neiges n'est plus une espèce menacée d'extinction

Plus de 15.000 scientifiques appellent à sauver la planète

Le changement climatique est une perturbation dramatique

Les grands carnivores d'Europe reprennent du poil de la bête

Les grands prédateurs font un retour en force en Europe

Les grands carnivores sont de retour en Europe

Au bord de l’extinction au 20e siècle , les grands carnivores reviennent

Les grands carnivores européens sont en pleine forme

« Le retour des grands carnivores: le succès du modèle européen »

«On ne fait que réparer une erreur»

Le retour du loup en Europe occidentale

Guillaume Chapron, 29 ans, enseignant chercheur

In other languages

Piden que se reconozcan una serie de derechos para la naturaleza

Científicos piden el reconocimiento de derechos para la naturaleza

El lobo agoniza en Sierra Morena

Danmark får dumpekarakter for naturbevarelsesindsats

Animali nei media e pubblicità

Ученые выяснили, какие животные вымрут к 2100 году

Maailman megafauna vaarassa kuolla pois

Het gaat slecht met de populairste dieren op aarde

Hur många lejon finns det i världen?

Leijonien määrä uhkaa vähentyä jyrkästi lähes kaikkialla Afrikassa

Warum Skandinavier Wölfe töten

Europas wilde Tiere kehren zurück

Um terço do território europeu tem pelo menos um grande carnívoro

Εντυπωσιακή ανάκαμψη για τα μεγάλα σαρκοφάγα της Ευρώπης

численность популяций львов сокращается стремительными темпами

Rettender Abschuss?

Do Evropy se po desetiletích vracejí medvědi, vlci i rysi

População de carnívoros de grande porte cresce na Europa

Europese roofdieren rukken op door leegloop platteland

Крупные хищники вернулись в Европу

Suosittuja villieläimiä nähdään jatkuvasti leluissa ja logoissa

Heftiger Streit um den Wolf

El planeta se queda sin sus grandes bestias

Velké šelmy se stěhují zpět do Evropy, ukázal švédský výzkum

Varg, lo, björn och järv tillbaka i Europa

Mensch und Raubtier rücken zusammen

Große Raubtiere behaupten sich in weiten Teilen Europas

В Европе стало больше медведей и волков

Medvědi, vlci i rysi. Velké šelmy se úspěšně vracejí do Evropy

Bjørne, ulve og losser stortrives i tætbefolket Europa

Que viene el lobo

Linces, lobos y osos se recuperan en Europa tras años de extinción

Store rovdyr trives i tætbefolket og stabilt Europa

Orsi e lupi tornano a popolare tutta l’Europa

Rovdjuren trivs i Europa

Los grandes carnívoros 'resucitan' en Europa

Suurpetojen kannat vahvistuneet

Kibékültek az EU-val a vadállatok

Bären, Wölfe und Luchse feiern in Europa Comeback

Крупные хищники вернулись в Европу

Ulve, bjørne og losser trives i det tætbefolkede Europa

Europa muestra el camino para salvar de la extinción a la gran fauna

Eiropā savairojušies kādreiz apdraudētie vilki, lāči un lūši

Rovdyrene har vendt tilbake til Europa

Store rovdyr trives i tætbefolket og stabilt Europa

Wielkie drapieżniki wracają do Europy!

Los grandes carnívoros reconquistan Europa

Rovdyrene har vendt tilbake til Europa

Do Európy sa podľa vedcov vracajú veľké šelmy

Los grandes carnívoros vuelven a los montes europeos

Wolf, Bär und Co erobern Europa

Daugėja vilkų, lūšių ir lokių 

Store rovdyr trives i tætbefolket og stabilt Europa

Крупные хищники вернулись в Европу


Ursos, lobos e linces à solta na Europa

High impact publications

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Unravelling the Scientific Debate on How to Address Wolf-Dog Hybridization in Europe
A rights revolution for nature
The paradoxical extinction of the most charismatic animals
Carnivore conservation needs evidence-based livestock protection
A Final Warning to Planet Earth
Bolster legal boundaries to stay within planetary boundaries
The environment needs cryptogovernance
Relative efforts of countries to conserve world’s megafauna
Political populations of large carnivores
Blood does not buy goodwill: allowing culling increases poaching of a large carnivore
Saving the World's Terrestrial Megafauna
Bushmeat hunting and extinction risk to the world's mammals
Lion (Panthera leo) populations are declining rapidly across Africa, except in intensively managed areas
Limited evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce livestock predation by large carnivores
Recovery of large carnivores in Europe’s modern human-dominated landscapes

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